The Mon team is for children aged 4-8, who are the smallest children in Aalborg Taekwondo Club, and they train under the system called "mon". In this system they all have white belts, but with stripes along the length. When the child moves to the junior team (ages 9-15), they change to solid colored belts. A black mon belt can be converted to a full color yellow belt (9th coup).

For mon training, emphasis is placed on the children developing motor skills and being introduced to the respect and discipline behind taekwondo. This mainly takes place through play. Through the training, the children strengthen their physical control in terms of flexibility, strength and speed. They get to strengthen their self-confidence and ability to concentrate.

The attire is training pants and a t-shirt until they have their own dobok (taekwondo suit). We train without shoes and socks. As a parent, you can sit and watch the training through windows from our common living room.

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Fem juniorudøvere sidder sammen i Aalborg Taekwondoklub.




This team is for anyone over 15 and there is no upper age limit! Everyone can participate in this team, regardless of level and physical condition. On the senior team, basic techniques are trained in all aspects of taekwondo, which you need to achieve your next belt. Basic techniques include blocks, punches, kicks, stands and self-defense.

Every Tuesday the team trains together, and on Thursdays the team is divided into beginners (green belt and below) and advanced.

We recommend that you also try the other teams, match and technique, once you have been to training with the senior team a few times and have been introduced to the basic techniques.

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To kampudøvere kæmper. Den ene sparker højt mod hovedet mens den anden hopper tilbage for at undvige angrebet.




In the technical team, we work to improve techniques and kicks through varied training, both with a view to participation in competitions, but also as a supplement to the regular basic training. Here you have the opportunity to work with taeugk/poomsae, learn new techniques, get to know the competitive aspect of taekwondo, and also become more confident in your training. Anyone who has min. 10. kup (white belt with yellow stripe) are welcome to the training, but you must be at least 10 years old.

The training will, outside the competition season, be focused on individual techniques. Here, the aim is to go in depth with a few techniques, in order to better understand and execute them. During the competition season, the primary focus is competition training, but you are welcome even if you do not expect to participate in competitions.

The team is directed by Nikoline Frølich, former national team player. During her 6 years on the national team, she has achieved great results, including gold in poomsae at EC 2019. In addition, she won bronze at WC 2014, EC 2017 and Beach WC 2017.

If you want to join the technical team, you must contact your coach or write to [email protected]. Afterwards, your participation in this team can be registered in the system.

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Fire oldboys udøvere står og laver samme håndteknik i Aalborg Taekwondoklub.

Træner holder sparkepude for monudøver som sparker på puden.



The junior team is for children aged 9-14. For the training, taekwondo's basic techniques, series (taegeuk), fighting, self-defense and a lot of other things are taught. In addition, great emphasis is placed on discipline and respect during training. When you start in the children's team, you have the lowest degree, the white belt. In order to rise in the grades, you have to go to graduation. Here you are tested to see if you can do what is expected for the next belt grade. There is graduation approx. 3 times a year, and it takes place in the club's premises.

Clothing for training is dobok (taekwondo suit). However, you can easily train in track pants and a t-shirt the first few times before wearing a suit. The taekwondo club is equipped with windows between the living area and the training hall, which gives the children's parents the opportunity to watch while the children train.

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Træner sider foran seniorholdets udøvere i Aalborg Taekwondoklub og underviser i udstrækning.




The fighting team is for those who want to improve their fighting skills in addition to what is trained for the basic training. Here you also have the opportunity to train with a view to participating in combat events. During the training, the focus is on performing fast and explosive techniques, especially kicking. In addition, you learn how the taekwondo techniques from the basic training should be used in combat situations.

When fighting in taekwondo, you must wear combat gear, which consists of a vest, arm guards, leg guards, crotch guards, ankle guards, gloves, a helmet and mouth guards. It is recommended to bring a mouthguard if you wish to participate in the match training, but the rest of the necessary match equipment is available in the club.

If you want to be assigned to the fighting team, you must contact your coach or write to [email protected]. Afterwards, your participation in this team can be registered in the system.

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Teknikudøver står og strækker ud ved barre, til højt, lodret spark.



Old Boys

If you are over 30 years old, you can train at Aalborg Taekwondo's old boys team, which is taught by Brian Rex. The team is for both new and seasoned practitioners, but if you are completely new to taekwondo, you should also train on the senior team, which takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

If you train more than once a month on the Old Boys team, please register as a member at Aalborg Taekwondo Klub by clicking on "BLIV MEDLEM" in the upper right corner of this page.

If you only participate in the training a maximum of once a month, you can switch to a passive membership for DKK 25/month. by contacting Amanda by email ([email protected]).

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